[ESS] Prevent Emacs from Killing R Window

Ottorino-Luca Pantani ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Wed Oct 14 18:10:18 CEST 2009

Aric Gregson ha scritto:
> Just wondering if there is a way to get ESS to require a confirmation
> prior to killing a buffer that is running R? I just lost 3 hours of
> workspace by hitting the wrong key combination. Fortunately, the work
> is scripted, but this is very inconvenient.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> aric
Hi Aric,
quite the same situation here.

When I kill the R buffer (C-x-k), emacs asks if I really want to.
If I kill the R buffer through the button on the toolbar, emacs kill it 
without asking.
And this is very inconvenient, since you do not always check in which 
window the cursor is.
As indicated by Leo and Chrales, I tried to play with emacs-lock.el, but 
it seems ineffective on the behaviour of that "white X on red field" 
Any idea ?

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