[ESS] font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search in BUGS mode

S. McKay Curtis smcurtis at stat.washington.edu
Mon Mar 9 17:29:44 CET 2009

Hi all,

I have the following lines of code in my ".emacs" file

(add-hook 'ess-bugs-mode-hook
          (setq font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search nil)

But when I open a ".bug" file, the value of the variable
"font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search" is still "t", even though I have
added this hook to set it to "nil" (and even though its global value
is "nil").  I am pretty sure that emacs goes into bugs mode when
opening the .bug file, because the mode line reads "ESS[BUGS]".  Does
anyone know why this variable isn't being set to "nil"?


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