[ESS] ess on windows question

markleeds at verizon.net markleeds at verizon.net
Wed Mar 4 19:13:52 CET 2009

Hi ESS Gurus: I'm starting to use R for windows ( strictly I've been a 
linux user ) and I downloaded Vincent Goulet's Emacs-Ess version and 
also his .emacs file. ( Thank you, vincent for everytihng that you 
provide ). Then,  I start up emacs  by doing

A) emacs test.R

B) split the window in 2 to have my ess ession on the bottom ( as I do 
in linux ).

C) do Esc X R to start ESS in the bottom but I get a long delay whre it 
sits with a press C H-m for help ESS whatever version and then finally 
the following message in the window at the top.

ess-error: Timeout waiting for prompt. Check inferior-ess-prompt or 

I don't know Lisp at all and my guess is that my .emacs file isn't quite 
right but I
have no idea how to fix it.

Also,  I 'm not at home so I don't  have my linux .emacs file with me to 
try that out. So, If someone has a .emacs file that makes the slider 
work correctly so that when you run R commands in the top their output 
show up at the bottom of the other screen ( so that one doesn't have to 
manually scroll down to see them ), that's the only thing I really want 
in the .emacs file anyway. I'm a very basic ess-user. Thanks a lot for 
anything anyone can


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