[ESS] auto-complete-mode

Erik Iverson iverson at biostat.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 4 03:53:55 CET 2009


 > Today I found auto-complete.el that strongly helps us write text file.
 > Demo of auto-complete-mode is provided here
 > http://www.cx4a.org/pub/ac-demo/ac-demo.html


 > Are there anybody who has already written such settings of
 > auto-complete-mode for R?  Does anybody have an extension of
 > auto-complete.el like "auto-complete-R.el"?

A month or so ago, I hacked together something for "intellisense"-type 
completion based on company-mode, a similar auto-complete Emacs package.  It 
worked relatively well, and as soon as it is polished, I'll post it here.  The 
way I went about it is to use the same completion mechanism that ESS uses, which 
you might look into in your case, too.  You can see how it is done in the ESS 
file essd-r.el, function ess-R-complete-object-name.

Also, see this recent thread on ESS-help, 

I have not yet investigated the Icicles approach described in the thread above, 
but it looks very interesting, and is a TODO ...


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