[ESS] *ESS-tex-output* hides Rnw buffer

Susumu Tanimura aruminat at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 05:43:28 CET 2009

Hi there,

Whenever I do M-n s and M-n l, a Rnw document buffer is hidden by
*ESS-tex-output* buffer, so that I have to do C-x b to go back to the
document buffer and restart edition. 

My trial was made that *ESS-tex-buffer* was split into 2 buffers, one
of buffers was kept as *ESS-tex-buffer*, another of buffers was
switched to the Rnw document, and I focused on the Rnw document buffer
and executed M-n s and M-n l.

The result was that I have only *ess-ouput* and *ESS-tex-output*,
hiding the Rnw buffer.

How can I keep the Rnw buffer in front.

This could be a rudimentary question, but I would like to overcome an
inconvenience with noweb-mode.

Thank you in advance.


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