[ESS] speed difference between ess-execute and ess-eval

Eric Weese weese at MIT.EDU
Tue May 27 12:11:31 CEST 2008

Hi all -

I'm running emacs 22.2 with R and the latest version of ess, and I  
notice that for commands that generate a lot of output, like


for example, ess-execute is basically instantaneous while ess-eval- 
region takes a long time to display.  I'm guessing this is because  
ess-eval-* process the input as it arrives, while ess-execute waits  
until it's done.

Is there any way I can either change ess-eval-region to be "less  
interactive" (i.e. just show the result when it's done) or,  
alternatively, change ess-execute to present the result in-line with  
the rest of the transcript?

As for why anyone would want to print this much information - well, I  
don't, but sometimes typos happen, and when I'm working with ess- 
remote over ssh I end up sometimes having to wait a *long* time.  If  
I'm running R locally, sending ^C seems to both interrupt R and  
discard all its pending output - but if I'm over ssh, sending ^C will  
interrupt R, but the output that it's already generated and passed to  
ssh keeps on coming.  So, an alternative solution would be to tell  
emacs to discard pending output - is there any way of doing this easily?


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