[ESS] help.search & co.

Daniel Sabanés Bové daniel.sabanesbove at campus.lmu.de
Sun May 11 17:20:17 CEST 2008

Dear all,

---- feature suggestions:

Today I discovered the very comfortable function 
(C-c C-v). Then I looked for a similar function to search the R help using
help.search("object"), which I use quite frequently and which requires 
even more
typing than e.g. ?object.

As I didn't find it, I hacked my own 
"ess-display-help-search-on-object", which
is just a modification of the already implemented one:
I replaced the hb-name and the curr-help-command appropriately, and it 
seems to work.
It is convenient, because this way the search results go into an 
ess-help buffer,
and the findings can be jumped to by typing "h" etc.

My suggestion: Could this be included in ESS by default?

To reduce redundancy, there could be a helper function (e.g. 
much like the current "ess-display-help-on-object", which can then be used
to implement "ess-display-help-on-object", 
"ess-display-apropos-on-object" etc. As far as I can see, this would 
only involve
setting up parameters for the "help" text, the hb-name and the help-command.

The function "ess-help-bogus-buffer-p" could receive additional lines like

(progn (goto-char PM) ;; S version 3 ; R :	
	  (re-search-forward "No help files found" nr-first t))

Btw: Why is "ess-help-kill-bogus-buffers" set to nil by default? I'm now
using ESS for two years, and I only today found this extremely nice option!
Is there really anybody wishing a buffer which is to be killed manually 
in the next

------ Question:

My help.search always produces at the end of the search list a

Warning message:
In writeLines(c(strwrap(paste("Help files with", fields, "matching",  :
   ungültige Zeichenkette in Konvertierung der Ausgabe

(invalid character sequence in output conversion)
Has anybody else this problem?

Thank you and regards,

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