[ESS] R is restoring "previously saved workspace" without me asking it to

Mark Kimpel mwkimpel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 22:48:22 CEST 2008


Thanks for the advice, I learn more about emacs every day (or at least
I try to). Your last point, in parentheses, is well made. I think I
will modify the find commands to only find those files that are older
than a day. That way I can recover if need be. When opening files from
the emacs GUI window under Linux, I see all the *.~ files and it makes
it harder for me to find what I want in heavily populated directories.
*.tmp files are rare, but sometimes I create them and forget to delete

Good thread, thanks to all,


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 4:36 PM, tyler <tyler.smith at mail.mcgill.ca> wrote:
> "Mark Kimpel" <mwkimpel at gmail.com> writes:
>> I have the following in my .Rprofile to get rid of other pesky files
>> that seem to creep into my directories. I realize that occasionally
>> these can be useful, such as to restore a crashed Emacs session, but
>> most of the time they just annoy the heck out of me when I am looking
>> for something. I'm betting there are some more good suggestions out
>> there, don't let me down! Mark
>> setwd("~/myRdirectory")
>> system("find ./ -name #*# -print | xargs rm")
>> system("find ./ -name .#*# -print | xargs rm")
>> system("find ./ -name .#* -print | xargs rm")
> You can tell emacs not to auto-save files by including something along
> the lines of this in your .emacs:
> (setq auto-save-default nil)
> See the Emacs manual: 23.6.2 Controlling Auto-Saving
>> system("find ./ -name '.Rhistory' -print | xargs rm")
> Maybe something in .Rprofile will cancel saving to .Rhistory? I couldn't
> find anything.
>> system("find ./ -name '.*tmp' -print | xargs rm")
> I'm not sure why you'd have these.
>> system("find ./ -name *~ -print | xargs rm")
>> system("find ./ -name .*~ -print | xargs rm")
> (setq make-backup-files nil)
> See the Emacs manual: 23.3.2 Backup Files
> Note that any file that starts with a '.' should be invisible under
> normal circumstances, at least on Unix/Linux. If you're using MSWindows
> maybe you can ask your file-browser to not "show hidden files"? That way
> you still have the benefit of all those "dot" files without having to
> sift through them all the time.
> Cheers,
> Tyler
> (who's holding his tongue - you *really* don't want to have
> auto-save/backup files??)
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