[ESS] Debian/Ubuntu packages of a recent version of ess?

Vincent Goulet vincent.goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Mon Jun 16 07:25:39 CEST 2008

Le ven. 13 juin à 16:09, Douglas Bates a écrit :

> Is there a repository from which I can install a recent version of ess
> as a Debian/Ubuntu package for amd_64?  On the Ubuntu list of packages
> the released version of ess for hardy is 5.3.0-1 which seems, well,
> ancient.  I see that there is a 5.3.8 version from the SVN sources for
> intrepid but IIRC trying to install that bring you into all the fun
> with pinning, etc.
> It seems there is a binary debian package in the download site for the
> ess sources but that is for the i386 architecture and I think one
> would need to override the architecture to install that one.
> Would it be possible to add ess to the list of Debian/Ubuntu packages
> that are available on the CRAN archive?  I got the impression that it
> might already be but I don't see it there.

It wasn't one of the packages Michael and I supported. Since it is not  
much work, I added it. It's on its way to CRAN now. My understanding  
is that the package is the same for all architectures.


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