[ESS] Running ESS with XEmacs and R 2.7.0

Pedro de Barros pbarros at ualg.pt
Tue Jun 3 01:30:18 CEST 2008

Dear All,

I am running ESS with XEmacs under Windows XP, with R version 2.7.0.

The problem I have is that sometimes I try to source() a file that 
has an error in it. The R process reports the error, but then seems 
to "half-freeze", and I cannot recover the R prompt, nor do some 
operations like e.g. q(), but I can e.g. inspect the content of 
different objects (arrays, even functions).

The question thus is (or so I believe): How can I recover the prompt 
after an error sourcing an .R file?

Thanks in advance,

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