[ESS] 2 things I wish ESS would do

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Wed Apr 30 19:26:04 CEST 2008


2. Can you make it easier to transfer commands that work from the *R*
window back to the script file "blob.R" ?  Once we do hack our way to
success in the *R* file, we want to get those commands back and save
them.  At the current time, the only way I can find is to highlight
the whole section of the *R* buffer, copy it over to "blob.R" and then
delete all the lines that don't start with > and edit the rest.

This is available.  Use M-x ess-transcript-clean-region and
to remove all lines from the transcript buffer that are not input lines.
These functions are designed for the ESS transcript buffer.  They work, but
not well, in
the *R* buffer.   Therefore your steps would be to highlight and copy an
output region to a blob.rt buffer, use C-x C-q to make it writable, then use
ess-transcript-clean-buffer to isolate the input lines.  Edit out the
and false starts.  Save the resulting lines in your original blob.R or in
another myfile.R.

On the option to save C-c C-n lines as part of R history, I want that too.
My motivation includes yours.  In addition, I want the option to make
the *R* buffer to behave the same as the S-Plus GUI on Windows.
The GUI is a parallel process to emacs, not
an inferior process of emacs as the *R* buffer is.  Therefore the GUI does
distinguish between lines that are sent over with C-c C-n and lines that are
manually typed.  I looked at the code a few years ago and decided the
code was buried deeper than I wanted to find at that time.  If you can find
location that needs adjusting, I will be happy to install the adjustment.


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