[ESS] typing umlaut-a and writing \"a ??

Sven Hartenstein lists at svenhartenstein.de
Tue Oct 16 13:57:50 CEST 2007

Hi Christian,

> In German text I want to insert at point the string '\"a' for a key 
> press on button 'ä' (umlaut-a). Is there an elisp way to achieve this? I 
> conulted the manuals, but I am too green to figure out.

There is always an elisp way to achieve anything. :-)

> Of course I can write 'ä' and globally replace it by '\"a' using meta-%, 
> but that is not attractive.
> I am using  \usepackage{ngerman} but the above method would work withot it.
> Any clues?

You could use \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} and use umlauts instead of
masking them.

You could bind ä to (insert "\"a") or so. See

Hope that helps,


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