[ESS] function syntax help

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Oct 11 16:23:07 CEST 2007

> Here is what emacs.info has to say on the matter:
>    As a user, you can redefine any key; but it is usually best to stick
> to key sequences that consist of `C-c' followed by a letter (upper or
> lower case).  These keys are "reserved for users," so they won't
> conflict with any properly designed Emacs extension.  The function keys
> <F5> through <F9> are also reserved for users.  If you redefine some
> other key, your definition may be overridden by certain extensions or
> major modes which redefine the same key.
> for years I had f1 bound to M-x vm, but don't use that now.  Is F1
> normally bound to something by Emacs?  
> Stephen

Due to this "ground-rule", almost no one has the F-keys bound to 
anything, except F1 (and sometimes F2 I think).  That's why ESS[SAS] 
gives you the option to use F2-F12.  In this case, the same
functionality that you would get from the SAS Display Manager with
some bells and whistles thrown in.  So, your fingers don't have to
learn new keys.  Enjoy!


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