Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at mn.rr.com
Thu Oct 19 17:37:18 CEST 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 10:23 -0500, Erik Iverson wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestion Marc.  Unfortunately, I'm not root on my 
> machine at work!  I bet your suggestion would have worked though.
> I thought my problem might be that I was setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
> variable in .cshrc.  KDE apparently wasn't sourcing that file on login, 
> so it was never getting set.  That's why when starting xemacs from 
> command line, it worked.  So I spent a while trying to figure out how 
> I'd set an environment variable in KDE at login.  I tried .xinitrc and 
> .xsession to no avail.
> Ultimately, I stumbled across the KDE Faq, and on page 14 of the PDF 
> here http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase/faq/faq.pdf, it says "Some 
> systems (notably Red Hat Linux) use .Xclients instead (of .xinitrc or 
> .xsession).  So on my system, I looked at .Xclients, which calls 
> .Xclients-default.  This is a bash script, and I simply added
> to my .Xclients-default script.  That worked! The environment variable 
> was now set correctly in ESS.
> Thanks for all the help on the list!  Hopefully this might help someone 
> else someday.
> Erik


Happy to help Erik.

One potential issue to keep in mind is that if there should be a change
in the default desktop environment (ie. you change from KDE to GNOME),
depending upon the relevant scripts on your system,
the .Xclients-default script file may get overwritten. This would
nullify your local change.

Just something to keep in mind and you might even want to test.= for



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