[ESS] plain text help with R 2.4.0.

Francesco Cernuto cernuto at unisi.it
Mon Oct 9 17:33:12 CEST 2006

On my environment,

MS Windows XP SP2
GNU emacs
R 2.4.0.

when I request help on any object, through  ?object, help(object) or 
`C-c C-v'  I was popped in an empy buffer and, for base package only, I 
get a CHM help window with the chosen topic help.

Using the option chemhelp=FALSE, (for example : 
help(rnorm,package=stats,chmhelp=FALSE), I get a plain text help, but in 
the R process windows, not in a new buffer as I wish.

With my previous R version (2.3.2) plain text help was the default 
display behavior.

Thank for any hellp or suggestion.

Francesco Cernuto, MD MSc
Siena - Italy

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