[ESS] feature request: help(foo) -> help.search

Sam Steingold sds at podval.org
Mon Mar 27 19:17:41 CEST 2006

I have several feature request about the help facility:

1. when I type "?foo" and foo is not found, a buffer *help[R](foo)*
   should not be created, instead I should be prompted (using y-or-n-p)
   whether I want to run help.search instead.

2. help.search() should be treated specially, just like help() is
   treated specially, i.e., help.search("foo") should create a
   *help[R](foo)* buffer listing the matches, and each match should be
   clickable (i.e., clicking on it should get me to the appropriate help

3. Items in the "See Also" section should be clickable.


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