[ESS] Hyperlinks in help pages

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 20 12:37:35 CET 2006

>>>>> "Frede" == Frede Aakmann Tøgersen <FredeA.Togersen at agrsci.dk>
>>>>>     on Mon, 20 Mar 2006 10:58:52 +0100 writes:

    Frede> In Emacs 21.3 (see below for version):

    Frede> C-c C-v display 'Help on:' in the mini-buffer. Typing
    Frede> lm <Enter> opens another buffer in Emacs with the
    Frede> help page for lm. Switching to this buffer with C-x o
    Frede> the commands 'n' and 'p' works scrolling down and up
    Frede> sections.

Yes, under some setups, circumstances, you have to do emit "C-x
o" to switch to the help buffer as well.  My finger do this so
quickly automatically that my brain hardly ever notices it anymore :-)

    Frede> However nothing (absolutely nothing) happens when
    Frede> typing s s.
so this is a bug somewhere already.
I wonder why "n" and "p" work, but "s" (prefix for *s*kipping to sections)

o What does 'C-h v  major-mode <Enter>' give inside the *help[R](lm)* buffer?
  It should give a *Help* buffer with something like

  major-mode's value is ess-help-mode
  Local in buffer *help[R](lm)*; global value is text-mode

o What does 's C-h' give  {inside the *help[R](lm)* buffer} ?
  It should give an *Help* buffer containing something like

    Major Mode Bindings Starting With s:
    key             binding
    ---             -------

    s <		beginning-of-buffer
    s >		end-of-buffer
    s ?		ess-describe-sec-map
    s v		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s u		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s s		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s r		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s n		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s e		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s D		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s d		ess-skip-to-help-section
    s a		ess-skip-to-help-section

    Frede> typing s s. Going manually to the 'See also' section
    Frede> placing the cursor on 'summary.lm' and typing h only
    Frede> opens the minibuffer with a 'Help on:' and nothing
    Frede> more.

    Frede> In Emacs 22.0:

    Frede> Almost the same behaviour, the only difference being
    Frede> Emacs complaining about the keystroke s s not being
    Frede> defined. However, there seems to be more information
    Frede> in this Emacs' *ESS* buffer.

    Frede> See below for the setups and debug buffers.

  (I haven't yet take the time to analyze them ..)

    Frede> Best regards

    Frede> Frede Aakmann Tøgersen Scientist

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