[ESS] ess problems on xemacs 21.4.19 on AIX

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 2 19:22:04 CET 2006

Dear Fabio,
did you resolve this problem?

 > Also installing earlier versions of ess the problem still remains.
 > Then I have installed xemacs-21.4.19 with previous version of tarballs
 > (xemacs-sumo-2005-03-07.tar.bz2 tarball and
 > xemacs-mule-2005-03-07.tar.bz2).
 > ess-5.2.3 is present in the xemacs tarball, and stata or SAS process run
 > correctly.

 > At this point,  I installed ess-5.2.12 but when I start xemacs I get the
 > following error:
 >              Symbol's function definition is void:
 >              ess-s-versions-create

After getting the error, what does the following return?

  M-x locate-library RET essd-sp6

How did you install ess-5.2.12?  My guess is that if you have
ess-5.2.3 still hanging around, ESS may be finding the version of
essd-sp6.el (where ess-s-versions-create is defined, but probably not
in version 5.2.3) from the 5.2.3 directory tree.  Try moving the 5.2.3
out of the way, and swapping in the 5.2.12 tree.


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