[ESS] New instructions/init file for Windows

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Jan 12 16:48:21 CET 2006

>Despite the best intentions of all, I failed dismally in following the 
>Rather than try to remember what I did, I started all over and made 
>notes in a wiki page at http://brewiki.org/XEmacsESS showing how by a 
>somewhat convoluted path I got ESS going.
>Please someone straighten me out.  The wiki should be editable by all.
Hi Paul:

The long story:
The installation instructions you are citing were written for Unix/Linux 
which seems to be pretty clear in Section 2 of Makeconf.  Cygwin
can be used as a replacement, but that would assume the same basic 
i.e. Cygwin is just a Unix/Linux environment giving you all the same tools
under Windows that you would already know how to use and know that you
needed.  And, I would be assuming that you would also use Cygwin
XEmacs with it and not pure Windows XEmacs.  Until recently, Cygwin
XEmacs was all that was really available; it's only been about a month
since current versions of XEmacs have been available without Cygwin.  
that, the Windows technology DDE is needed for certain things like 
with S-Plus.  I don't really know much about this, but you can actually get
it to work with XEmacs, but you have to download both Emacs and XEmacs,
so I doubt very many people are doing that.

The short story: 
Right now on Windows, ESS users are better off with
GNU Emacs and XEmacs support will improve with time.


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