[ESS] xargs XEmacs bug squashed

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Wed Jan 11 19:48:38 CET 2006

John Fox wrote:

>Dear Rodney,
>Yes, that works, but I find it very odd: That is, when I updated xemacs-base
>with the pre-release version, I assumed that this would *replace* the
>current version of the package. Obviously that's not the case.
>Anyway, everything works now, and when I have a chance (soon), I'll update
>my init file and instructions.
>I'm copying this response to ess-help. Just to be clear: When xemacs-base is
>updated via the package tool to fix the "xargs" problem, it's necessary to
>remove the older version of the package, which is in
>C:\XEmacs\Packages\xemacs-packages\lisp. The new version is in
>Thanks for clearing this up,
> John
Hi John:

Thanks for helping us clear this up.  I'll just give a little background 
about the xemacs package
system.  It is really nice to be able to have every package under the 
sun installed
with your fresh, new xemacs install.  However, the one drawback is that 
the packages hasn't been perfected yet.  That is one of the reasons that 
ESS is no
longer an xemacs package (see the instructions in Makeconf to create 
your own).
I tend not to update packages individually (except ESS of course).  When 
crop up, usually due to a new release of xemacs, I get the latest sumo 
and install
it over the old one.  This usually fixes the problems.  If not, then the
M-x report-xemacs-bug command is real handy for displaying information on
your installation in detail.  And, if you can't see the problem, then it 
might be a
bug so you can follow the bug reporting instructions and send it in to 
the xemacs


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