[ESS] ess and emacs, again

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Mon Jan 9 09:58:43 CET 2006

The connection from ESS to the S-Plus GUI is working correctly.
You have finished the installation and are
ready to do statistical analysis.  Congratulations.

The *S* buffer is a placeholder that must exist for the communication to work.
It does not need to be visible.

>From the myfile.s buffer, send over individual lines with C-x C-n,
or send over a region of highlighted lines with C-x C-r.  They
will show up in the S-Plus GUI Commands window and get executed there.

If you are trying to duplicate Unix ESS behavior, and run S-Plus inside
an emacs buffer, then you must start it on Windows with
M-x Sqpe
Interactive graphics with Sqpe on Windows requires


You might want to look at some of the supplementary documentation that
comes with ESS in the doc directory.


This is an early version of a paper that appeared as
\bibitem[Rossini et~al., 2004a]{ESS:2002}
Rossini, A.~J., Heiberger, R.~M., Sparapani, R.~A., M{\"a}chler, M., and
  Hornik, K. (2004a).
\newblock {Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS)}: A multiplatform, multipackage
  development environment for statistical analysis.
\newblock {\em Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics},

This is a talk I gave a few years ago.

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