[ESS] printing a file

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Jan 5 17:40:47 CET 2006

Mark Leeds <Mleeds <at> kellogggroup.com> writes:

> When I bring up any file in emacs
> and try to print the file, I get
> Spoolng with options, ( page headers are not supported )
> And everything hanfgs and I have to close things
> Down using the task manager.
> Is this a problem that has been seen before and
> Is there an easy way to fix it ? Thanks.
> I have that load command of ess-site.el in
> my .emacs file so I imagine the problem
> is connected to this ? Thanks.
>                                         mark

Hi Mark:

Most likely, this is not an ESS issue.  Unfortunately, we cannot devote time to
what I'm guessing is either an emacs or a Windows issue.


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