[ESS] newbie ESS question

bxf4 at u.washington.edu bxf4 at u.washington.edu
Wed Jan 4 02:02:04 CET 2006

"Mark Leeds" <Mleeds at kellogggroup.com> writes:

> I know that Conrol X B brings up
> The buffer list (I'm somewhat
> Familiar with Emacs ) but is there a way
> To kill some of these buffers
> Once they are listed ?

Emacs has a very handy help function called apropos.  If you type C-h
(Control h) and then 'a', you'll get an apropos prompt.  If you type
"kill buffer" here, you'll see a bunch of emacs commands involving
killing buffers.  Most notably, you'll want to look at kill-buffer and
kill-some-buffers.  For future reference, there is a family of apropos
functions that can be quite helpful--- C-h a 'apropos' to see them.

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