[ESS] two ESS questions

Mark Leeds Mleeds at kellogggroup.com
Tue Jan 3 01:18:42 CET 2006

Thanks so much. As I said,
I really  feel like I owe this list
some service, so if
I can be of any help with
the setup guide, please
let me know.


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On Jan 3, 2006, at 1:02 AM, Mark Leeds wrote:

> I have been playing around with ESS
> and Emacas at a very basic level
> and I can definitely see the usefulness
> of it. The two question I have so far (
> I'll try to minimize questions. I realize
> A lot of this just comes down to playing
> Around and figuring things out as you need them )
> are
> 1) What is the difference between the
> "Eval" set of commands and the "Eval and go"
> set of commands. I understanding what
> Eval is doing but I don't understand Eval and go.

Eval and go sends the commands to R and then jumps to the R buffer.  
Eval just sends the commands.

> 2) When I do M-x R, is there a way to
> have a working directory that I can
> specify so that it always goes
> to that one when it starts up.

This is due to a glaring omission pointed out by Rich Heiberger: you  
need to set the running directory for Emacs when you use a desktop  
shortcut or the start menu. By default both the desktop shortcut and  
the start menu item runs everything in C:\progra~1\emacs-21.3\bin.  
Change it to whatever you think is appropriate. Properly your HOME  
directory if you are using that. (And you change this stuff by right- 
clicking on the shortcut/start menu item, choose properties and then  
edit the "run in" (or something similarly named) field.

I'm in the process of adding that to my setup guide.


>                                    Thanks
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