[ESS] [R] ESS and Emacs

Mark Leeds Mleeds at kellogggroup.com
Mon Jan 2 02:59:41 CET 2006

I'm not getting any errors
on startup of emacs and
I am able to do M - x shell
And get a dos prompt so
I've made some decent progess
Thanks to everyone.

But, Kasper's documentation
Says that, when I bring
Up a .R file, I should
Get an ESS[S] non in
The second to last line
Of the emacs window.
I don't get this. Does
This mean I am still
Far form things working ?

In my short cut
To emacs, the start in field
Has "C:\Program Files\emacs-21.3\bin".

I didn't put Progra~1 ( because above
Was default ) So I doubt tbhis
Has anything to do with the problem.
Thanks again.

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whoops, I skipped two characters

open ~/.emacs with

M-x ~/.emacs

The "~/" will get it into the correct directory.

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