[ESS] ESS, install.packages() in R, and Windows

Henric Nilsson henric.nilsson at statisticon.se
Mon Feb 13 14:26:14 CET 2006

Sorry for returning to this subject after so long... But did the jury 
ever reach a final verdict?

Martin Maechler said the following on 2005-12-19 17:40:

> [...]
> The most simple way to reproduce the problem will probably be
>     select.list(LETTERS[1:7])
> which --- on windows Rgui (or on the Mac) --- tries to open a
> graphical list-box widget, and which would not work inside ESS
> in Windows Rgui.  Can you confirm?

I know I've confirmed this, but after re-reading your question I'm no 
longer sure what you really asked for. To clarify:

1. Executing the above "test" within rgui.exe works (i.e. I get a 
graphical list box).
2. Executing the test under rterm.exe works.
3. Executing the test under ESS doesn't work (unless I first use e.g. 
`windows()') -- it just freezes forever. It's possible to break out of 
the freeze by `C-c C-c C-g'. Now, if executing the test again, it'll work.


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