[ESS] SAS mode and commenting

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Wed Feb 1 16:09:49 CET 2006

>Just beginning with ess and emacs in general, so forgive me... 
>Using ess 5.2.11, gnu emacs, and win2000: 
>I have been experiemtning with the comment and autofill capabilities in ess
>[sas] and found that when i try to continue a comment i get a peculiar string 
>of reg expressions instead of a comment, for instance:
>M-; generates:  \*\|/\*  ;\|\*/
>And if i am typing a comment that should be wrapped, instead of postfixing the 
>appropriate end-comment character, it generates: ;\|\*/

Hi David:

I thought we fixed this.  What do you see on lines 561-564 of 
It should be:
    (comment-start                . "** ")
    (comment-start-skip           . "[*][*] ")
    (comment-end                  . " **;")
    (comment-end-skip             . " [*][*];")

It works for me using xemacs on solaris, but that shouldn't make any 


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