[ESS] ess-post-run-hook

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sat Aug 19 00:17:01 CEST 2006

You probably don't want to delete that, once you realize what it
is.  There are two different and necessary things there.

The baseenv is protection against older versions of R.
Newer releases define that function.  Older ones don't.
ESS always wants it there so we can be uniform in our coding.
Therefore if it isn't there already, we put it there.

STERM is an option that tells you that you are inside emacs.
Read about it in .../ess/doc/html/ess.html,
search for "STERM", there are two hits.
Thus you can write code that says

if (options()$STERM=='iESS') do.something.relevant()

editor is an option that makes edit(), page(), help() send their
output to emacs, rather than some less wonderful editor.

The double prompt is an artifact.  We send the lines faster than
R can respond.  You will see the same double prompt happen when you
paste two or more lines into the *R* buffer.


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