[ESS] how to reset ESS if color scheme changes?

Thomas Harte thomas.harte at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 20:05:09 CEST 2006

my problem description is woefully inadequate, so
apologies before i begin ...

when using ESS (5.3.1) with R (2.3.1) on either linux
or windoze, if i make an error in some commands and
have to C-c C-c, the color scheme changes. for
example, strings, usually highlighted in green, become
black and the R terminal commands, usually highlighted
in black, become highlighted in green.

per my opening remarks, i can't replicate the problem;
it usually happens if i am frustrated with the
keyboard subsequent to having made some input error,
followed by pounding C-c C-c several times, although i
have observed it at other times too.

M-x load-file


doesn't solve anything (perhaps it shouldn't anyway).
i should confess to my being a viper-mode character in
the event that this evidence might be crucial to the
resolution of the conundrum.

my question: is there some way of restoring the color
scheme in ESS, short of quitting R and restarting from



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