[ESS] ESS and Splus under Windows XP

Yindeng Jiang yindeng at u.washington.edu
Thu Apr 20 03:36:23 CEST 2006

Thanks for your suggestions. But it's still not working. Here's the results 
from the "C-h v" commands:

inferior-S+6-program-name's value is
inferior-Sqpe+6-SHOME-name's value is
inferior-Sqpe+6-program-name's value is


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Subject: Re: [ESS] ESS and Splus under Windows XP

> For S-Plus 7.0 you need to have the following three statements in
> your .emacs file before you load ess-site.el:
> (setq-default inferior-S+6-program-name 
> "c:/progra~1/Insightful/SPLUS70/cmd/Splus")
> (setq-default inferior-Sqpe+6-SHOME-name "c:/progra~1/Insightful/SPLUS70")
> (setq-default inferior-Sqpe+6-program-name 
> "c:/progra~1/Insightful/SPLUS70/cmd/Sqpe.exe")
> These illustratice statements are set for the default installation 
> location.
> If you placed your SPLUS70 executables somewhere else, then adjust all 
> three
> statements to match your installation
> If you still are having trouble, then please please enter
> C-h v inferior-S+6-program-name
> C-h v inferior-Sqpe+6-SHOME-name
> C-h v inferior-Sqpe+6-program-name
> Each will return information on your current settings of the variables.
> Send all three sets of information to the list.
> Rich

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