[ESS] Submitting function call from .R file buffer to ESS process

Erik Iverson iverson at biostat.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 11 17:23:22 CEST 2006

I just installed ESS 5.3.0.  The new C-c C-c functionality works 
perfectly, just as I wanted!  Thank you ESS coders!


Erik Iverson wrote:
> Hello list  -
> I am using ESS in XEmacs for R use.  I often find myself with the 
> following situation.  I'm debugging a function whose call contains many 
> parameters over several lines, like the following:
> myplotfunc(list(c("AE_YN","MULTAE","SAE_YN"),
>              c("ACT0","ACT1","ACT2","ACT3","ACT4","ACT5","ACT6")),
>         "ae",
>         cohort="test",
>         horz=T,
>         lvs=1,
>         tbl.lvs=1:0,
>         mar=c(2.8,8,.1,.6),
>         fig=list(c(0,.82,.635,1),c(0,.82,0,.635)),
>         xlim=c(0,100),
>         ablv=0, ablv.lwd=.5,
>         cnt.las=1,
>         labMaxchar=20,
>         lgnd.loc=c(1,.1),
>         )
> I need to submit this function call from a .R file to the ESS process to 
> see if changes to the myplotfunc() function work.  Since it is longer 
> than one line, C-c C-j does not work.  I find myself highlighting the 
> whole function and submitting the region with C-c C-r.  This works fine, 
> but I'm wondering if there's some way to send the function call that 
> point is located in without having to highlight the whole region first.
> I thought that C-c C-f would work, but that appears to be sending a 
> function definition to the process, not the call.
> I have a feeling this behavior is not implemented in ESS, but I thought 
> I'd ask!
> Thanks a lot,
> Erik Iverson
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