[ESS] Can't start SPLUS 7 under ESS

glynn, bill (Performance ENG) glynn_bill at emc.com
Fri Sep 30 21:26:11 CEST 2005

     I have recently installed SPLUS 7 on a Sun Ultra 60 running Solaris
I have Emacs 21.3.3 and ESS 5.2.10 installed.  When I installed ESS I added


to my .emacs file, where PATH_TO_ESS is the path to ESS 5.2.10, and

   (setq-default inferior-S+7-program-name "/usr/local/bin/Splus")

where Splus is the script which starts SPLUS 7.  I have a similar statement

   (setq-default inferior-S+6-program-name "/swapps/splus/v6.2.1/cmd/Splus")

Using M-x S+6 I can run SPLUS 6 under ESS, but when I try M-x S+7 I get

    M-x S+7 [No match]

I assume this means that Emacs does not know how to interpret S+7, but I
know why.  

I can start SPLUS 7 from the command line using /usr/local/bin/Splus 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bill Glynn

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