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Mon Sep 12 21:28:29 CEST 2005


I am a long time (well, 6-7 years) user of ESS, I mostly use it under Unix
to run S+.  I have no control on what is installed on the Unix machine,
past versions of ESS were installed in a directory where I have only READ
permissions.  The admin people being reluctant to install new versions of
anything, particularly freeware, and running Ess-5.2.3 for about a year now
I felt a little behind and decided to install 5.2.10 in a subdirectory of
my home directory.  Everything went smoothly, when I check which version is
used by typing "C-h v <ret> ess-version <ret>" I get 5.2.10 as expected.

But when I go in the Ess node of the Emacs Info system I get:

ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics

   ESS version


     by  A.J. Rossini,
         R.M. Heiberger,
         K. Hornik,
         M. Maechler,
         R.A. Sparapani
     and S.J. Eglen.

Here is what I did --- very little in fact --- when I installed 5.2.10

1. - I dowloaded and unpacked 5.2.10 into "/home/jeg002/gerald-lisp".
2. - Hence a subdirectory "ess-5.2.10" was created.
3. - I added this directory to my load path by putting the following line
in my .emacs      file:
      "(setq load-path (cons "/home/jeg002/gerald-lisp/ess-5.2.10/lisp"
      Note that previously I had the same line with the appropriate path to
4. - Further down my .emacs file I have "(require 'ess-site)".

That is it.

What needs to be done to have the current ess-node in Emacs' Info system?

Thanks for such a great package, it makes life so much easier.

Gérald Jean
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