[ESS] Xemacs again {was "file name completion again"}

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Wed Sep 7 16:46:01 CEST 2005

Patrick Connolly wrote:

>Not here at this Unix establishment.  I looked at Xemacs about 7 years
>ago and didn't like the way I couldn't paste text with the middle
>button (among other things).
7 years ago?  I assure you it has made great strides since.  Although, 
it was better than
Emacs then as well.

>That aside, it's somewhat reassuring to hear that Emacs can work with
>Windows.  I have some unfortunate colleagues who must use that OS so I
>can feel less reluctant to help them with ESS now.  The idea of dealing
>with Xemacs put me off the idea.
>|> The problem with Emacs is that you have to install all of the modes
>|> that it doesn't come with.  We've seen that installation is the
>|> back-breaker for many of an ESS user. 
>I think the installation is extremely.  The only tricky part is
>knowing how to edit the .emacs file so that Emacs know where to find R
>(or whatever).  It is clear once you know, but it's not simple to make
>it clear to the rank beginner.
I agree to a certain extent.  But, the magnitude is staggering.  Besides 
you get 120 modes above and beyond the standard Emacs modes.  And, the 
list grows everyday.
However, ESS will no longer be one of them due to our frequent release 

Thanks, Rodney

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