[ESS] Minor issues with emacsclient/gnuclient

Jim Berry jberry at frb.gov
Tue Mar 29 23:43:41 CEST 2005


Linux Gnu Emacs 21.3, ESS v5.1.24 and v5.2.6

We have minor problems using both emacsclient and gnuclient (v3.12.6)
with ESS.  If we run Splus in a regular M-x shell buffer we do not see
the problems, and are able to call the editor and hit C-x # to
return.  We also do not have the problem with Emacs 20.4/ESS 5.1.18.

When emacsclient is invoked with ESS, we get a beep, and the
minibuffer contains the message 
"Symbol's value as variable is void: comint-last-input-end"
This hides the message "When done with a buffer, type C-x #"
but otherwise things seem to be working.  The ESS buffer displays
the user's command twice as well as the "Waiting for Emacs...Done"
message. (this was done via  emacs -q, loading only ESS and

When gnuclient (which our users prefer) is invoked with ESS, the
message "Type `C-x #' to finish editing" is displayed in the
minibuffer, but then the entire Emacs session is frozen until the user
hits C-g.  Then things seem to be working. Again, the user's command 
is displayed twice.

Our users can live with these issues, but we would prefer to resolve
the situation.  My guess is that there was some change in GNU Emacs
between v20 and v21 which is behind the new behavior.  Any
suggestions?  (Are many using ESS + GnuEmacs + Emacsclient/Gnuclient?) 

Thanks very much

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