[ESS] no gnuclient

Fredrik Lundgren fredrik.bg.lundgren at bredband.net
Mon Mar 28 08:53:07 CEST 2005

Thanks again,

(setq gnuserv-frame (selected-frame))
makes the frame open within Xemacs in linux

Xemacs complains over 'where'
(add-to-list 'load-path (concat where "emacs/gnuserv"))
which line isn't accepted by Xemacs in linux (or windows xp).

fix(k) opens the window 6b8b4567  where k can be editted
but when C-x # attempts to save I get
'6b8b4567 does not belong to gnuserv client'
In this case the line
(add-to-list 'load-path (concat where "emacs/gnuserv"))
was commented in init.el to make Xemacs run


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> The correct syntax for edit is
>   new.k <- edit(k)
> or
>   k <- edit(k)
> The correct syntax for fix is
>   fix(k)   ## this does the reassign of the new value to the object k
> gnuclient tells you that the file coming from R must be closed with
>   C-x #
> in order to send the result back to R.
> To get the edited object into the same frame, instead of a new frame,
> add the lines to your .emacs or init.el
> ;;;; You need this if you decide to use gnuclient
> (add-to-list 'load-path (concat where "emacs/gnuserv"))
> (require 'gnuserv)
> (gnuserv-start)
> (setq gnuserv-frame (selected-frame))
> ;;;;
> These are correct for Windows.  I am not sure about linux.
> The last line, about gnuserv-frame, is the one that places the
> new object in the existing emacs frame.  Even though I prefer
> the object to be in the existing frame, remember that the new
> frame is part of the same instance of emacs, so it is not as costly
> in machine resources as an entirely new instance of emacs.
> Again,
>> We recommend that the master copy be kept in an ascii file myfile.r,
>> and that the
>> object in .RData is secondary.  If you need to make a change, we
>> recommend that you
>> change the ascii file and then load the revised file.
>> See the section in the ESS manual on Philosophies for using ESS[S].
>> The manual is
>> in .../ess/doc/html/ess.html

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