[ESS] no gnuclient

Fredrik Lundgren fredrik.bg.lundgren at bredband.net
Sun Mar 27 19:19:42 CEST 2005


Things are working now...
when i try to edit or fix my small vector k
a new "frame" opens on the side of xemacs and shows a file xxxxxxx (not 
literary) or something
with the vector in it. I can edit the vector OK but I have not been able 
to find out how
I can change the object k in R/ESS. I can save xxxxxx in a temporary 
location somewhere but it's never (yet) changed k in R. What am I doing 
wrong? Is it OK that a new "frame" opens up on the side of Xemacs. At 
least I think this is gnuclient in work but probably I unable to handle 
him the right way.

Best Fredrik
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>> options(STERM='iESS', editor='gnuclient -q')
> is what you are supposed to get when running Xemacs on Unix.
> So why doesn't it work when you do have /usr/bin/gnuclient available?
> The first place to look is in the environment.
> From within the *R* buffer, enter
>   Sys.getenv("PATH")
> You should see /usr/bin in the list.
> From within M-x shell, enter
>  gnuclient -q tmp
> the tmp file or directory should open in the existing emacs.
> If /usr/bin is not in your path, you need to get it there.
> Edit .profile or .cshrc or other appropriate file and add it to the 
> path.

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