Réf. : [ESS] Running multiple S+ versions

Tim Hesterberg timh at insightful.com
Wed Mar 2 18:49:19 CET 2005

> > I am a Beta tester for S+7, obviously I don't want to get rid of "Splus64"
> > and I would like to be able to run "S+7" and "Splus64" from ESS.  S+7 is
> > located in: "/actuaria/splus7_app/bin" and the executable is named:
> > "Splus7", I tried to add the following lines in the lambda function above
> > but it didn't work!
> > 
> >              (setq-default inferior-S+7-program-name
> >                              "/actuaria/splus7_app/bin/Splus7")
>There is no variable yet called S+7, but I think Rich has been woking
>on S+7 support...
>in the meantime, can you just temporarily change 
>inferior-S+6-program-name when you want to test Splus7?

In case it helps, I call S+7 this way:
  (defun Sqpe7 ()
  	  "This command starts S+7 Sqpe."
	  (setq-default inferior-Sqpe+6-SHOME-name "c:/progra~1/Insightful/splus70")
	  (setq-default inferior-Sqpe+6-program-name "c:/progra~1/Insightful/splus70/cmd/sqpe.exe")

Tim Hesterberg

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