Michael Sumner mdsumner at utas.edu.au
Wed Jul 27 02:15:47 CEST 2005

Hello, I really don't know if this is an ESS or XEmTeX issue, so I would 
appreciate some pointers towards making a more useful contribution.

Windows XP SP2

I installed XEmTeX (xemtex-0.5-rc0.msi) in the default place (C:/Program 
Files/XEmTeX), then placed the file site-start.el into 
/XEmTeX/site-packages/lisp/ with just the line

(load "c:/emacs/site-lisp/ess-5.2.8/lisp/ess-site.el")

Now .tex files open fine with XEmTeX with syntax highlighting and 
compile buttons.

But, I cannot open .R files by double clicking and specifying "Open 
With", XEmTeX just does not show up in the choose program dialog, nor in 
the Right-Click Properties/ OpensWith/Change dialog.  (This is the same 
for other file extensions that aren't already associated with XEmTeX).

I can open R files from within XEmTeX and all the ESS buttons, syntax 
hightlighting and functionality is fine, but only when I go and delete 
the site-start.el does the LaTeX functionality return.  It works on 
restarting XEmTeX, and still works on restarting the OS, both for .tex 
and .R.

Thanks for listening.  I have reported same to the XEmTeX maintainer.

Cheers, Mike.

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