[ESS] Is ess supposed to help with Sweave documents?

Henrik Andersson h.andersson at nioo.knaw.nl
Mon Jan 24 18:39:32 CET 2005

I'm getting into the habit of writing Sweave files instead of R scripts 
with a lot of comments. The pros of this approach are obvious but the 
downside are that I often type things wrong and when I invoke my little 
script that magically transforms this into a pdf this ends in error and 
  Sweave tells me something is wrong in chunk number x.

I would like to be able to load the R code in a file using C-c C-l (so 
Stangle and source instead of just source) just like you would with a .R 
file and then goto the error easily.

I have not entered the dark arts of lisp programming so I'm afraid I can 
not contribute anything more than ideas and feedback at the moment.

Maybe I will someday, since I now find myself spending more than 50 % of 
my working hours using Emacs.

Cheers, Henrik Andersson

Paul Johnson wrote:
> OK, I think this is helping.  On Fedora Core 2 and Fedora Core 3 Test3, 
> I have emacs-21.3.  I do have the cl and cl-seq files in the 
> /usr/share/emacs/21.3/lisp dirctory:
> $ find . -name "cl*"
> ./emacs-lisp/cl.elc
> ./emacs-lisp/cl-compat.elc
> ./emacs-lisp/cl-macs.elc
> ./emacs-lisp/cl-extra.elc
> ./emacs-lisp/cl-specs.el
> ./emacs-lisp/cl-seq.elc
> ./emacs-lisp/cl-indent.elc
> After following the link to the cl page that David offers, I put this 
> into the top  of ~/.emacs
> (require 'cl)
> And now David's functions do work properly. Hooray!  MUCH more convenient.
> I would second David's proposal that one coherent set of tools and 
> practices be developed.  For me, Emacs is frustrating because even the 
> simplest things, like making the screen fonts bigger, is a challenge. 
> Maybe, when Emacs-gtk materializes, some of this frustration will go 
> away. But, somehow, I doubt it.
> pj
> Stephen Eglen wrote:
>>  >  > I have no idea how I found it (and perhaps this is a
>>  >  > better way to do what I did with it) but it seems to
>>  >  > be in cl-seq.el which is a part of common lisp (I
>>  >  > think). Here's something about it:
>>  >  > David - can you confirm what version of Emacs you run?  I think 
>> Martin
>>  > said search is not in Emacs 21.3; I run Emacs 21.3.50 CVS and find it
>>  > also in cl-seq.el
>>  >  >  search is an autoloaded Lisp function in `cl-seq'.
>>  >
>> just to follow up, David is using Emasc 21.3 and says it is present.
>> I just looked in Emacs 21.2; it too has search defined in cl-seq.el.
>> So I'm not clear as to why others cannot find it -- maybe try doing
>> (load-library "cl-seq")
>> (locate-library "cl-seq")
>> and looking for search?
>> Stephen
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