[ESS] 'Can't get splus2000 to work with ESS'

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sat Jan 22 21:55:49 CET 2005

The clue is in the lines
> Xemacs responds:
> Searching for program: No such file or directory, 
> c:/program~1/insigh~1/splus6/cmd
> which is correct as I've got Sqpe in
> C:\Program\sp2000\cmd
> Evidently my Xemacs/ESS can't find sqpe.exe in
> C:\Program\sp2000\cmd and looks for it in c:/progra~1/spls45se/cmd/

Note that neither splus6 nor spls45se is correct because you are using sp2000.

You need to tell ESS where S-Plus 2000 sits.  Do so by reading
Copy the three lines (yes, you need all three)
;;(setq-default inferior-S+4-program-name "c:/progra~1/SPLS45SE/cmd/Splus")
;;(setq-default inferior-Sqpe+4-SHOME-name "c:/progra~1/SPLS45SE")
;;(setq-default inferior-Sqpe+4-program-name "c:/progra~1/SPLS45SE/cmd/Sqpe.exe")
into your init.el (for Xemacs) or .emacs (for emacs) and edit them to match your
installation location and to remove the comment marker.  In your case, you will need
(setq-default inferior-S+4-program-name "c:/program/sp2000/cmd/Splus")
(setq-default inferior-Sqpe+4-SHOME-name "c:/program/sp2000")
(setq-default inferior-Sqpe+4-program-name "c:/program/sp2000/cmd/Sqpe.exe")

Then you will start the program with
   M-x S+4 (S-Plus GUI if you use the cygwin bash shell)
or with
   M-x S+4-msdos (S-Plus GUI if you use the MS DOS prompt shell)
or with
   M-x Sqpe+4 (run S-Plus console version as an inferior process inside an emacs buffer)

S-Plus 2000 is several years out of date.  It is part of the S-Plus 4.x series based
on S3.  The current release is S-Plus 6.2 and is based on S4.


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