[ESS] ESS 5.2.4 quitting R with C-c C-q

wsetzer at mindspring.com wsetzer at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 14 21:57:31 CET 2005

I've recently installed Fedora Core 3 and its associated emacs package, and am up to date with OS updates (at least as of a few days ago).  I am running R version 2.0.1 patched (2005-1-10), emacs version 21.3.1, and have manually installed ESS 5.2.4 from the tarball.  My problem is, that when I am running R from within emacs and try to quit using C-c C-q, the emacs process seems to hang as soon as I answer (y or n) whether to deleted R-associated buffers.

I've deleted all customizations from .emacs that I've accumulated over the years, but to no avail.  I wonder if anyone else has seen this, and can help me track down the problem. 

Woody Setzer

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