[ESS] setting the location for dump files of R-scripts

Kiermeier, Andreas (PIRSA - SARDI) Kiermeier.Andreas at saugov.sa.gov.au
Thu Feb 24 02:19:51 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I've had some offline correspondence with Sam about the question below. This
email is to summarize the solution and raise a further problem.

The key combination C-c C-d calls ess-dump-object-into-edit-buffer. The
location of the associated dump file is determined by setting
ess-source-directory. The help on this function gives an example of how to
set it up in the way that Sam wanted. For example, to save in a subfolder
named "src" use the following.

(setq ess-source-directory 
      '(lambda () (file-name-as-directory
		   (expand-file-name (concat (car ess-search-list)

>From Sam's response this seems to work on his Linux machine. However, it
doesn't work for me on my Windows XP machine with ESS 5.2.5 (GNU Emacs - 386-mingw-nt5.1.2600).

I believe that it has to do with ess-search-list. This variable is initially
nil on start-up of R - if I dump an object at this stage Emacs tries to dump
it into "C:\msys\1.0\src", which does not exist and Emacs tries to create
it. This is the location of MSys (Mingw minimal system), and I have no idea
where / why Emacs is choosing this location.

If I use command completion (TAB) prior to using C-c C-d then
ess-search-list gets set to

(".GlobalEnv" "package:methods" "package:stats" "package:graphics"
"package:grDevices" "package:utils" "package:datasets" "package:lattice"
"Autoloads" "package:base")

A subsequent use of C-c C-d tries to dump to a subfolder "/.GlobalEnv/src/"
of the current directory, e.g. if I start R in "d:\akiermei" then C-c C-d
tries to dump to "D:/akiermei/.GlobalEnv/src/" (difference of forward and
backward slashes are of no consequence here).

Any thoughts?



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OS: Linux Mandrake 10.1
release: R 2.0 
editor: Emacs 21.3.2
frontend: ESS 5.2.3

The C-c d is creating text dump files for me, but is putting them in /tmp.
I'd rather have them in the sub-directory where I'm using R. I used to have
a setup where the dump created the text file in ./R-src. Can anyone tell me
how to set this up, please.

Thanks in advance,

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