[ESS] .emacs now working with dump under ess

McClatchie, Sam (PIRSA-SARDI) mcclatchie.sam at saugov.sa.gov.au
Wed Feb 23 02:37:30 CET 2005

Hello Andreas

Thanks very much for that tip. I have modified the line in .emacs to:

(setq ess-source-directory 
      '(lambda () (file-name-as-directory
		   (expand-file-name (concat "./R_Src")))))

This gets rid of the dependence on the global environment variables. Second,
I don't store my dumped scripts in a directory starting with dot! The last
time I moved jobs, an IT person backed up my machine with a windows based
software and it ignored the hidden directories, so all my .RData were lost.
Fortunately, I had dumped the scripts into a subdirectory that did not start
with dot.

Many thanks for your help.  
Sam McClatchie,
Sub-program leader, Pelagic Fisheries
South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre
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Adelaide, South Australia
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>From: Kiermeier, Andreas (PIRSA - SARDI) 
>Sent: Wednesday, 23 February 2005 9:53 AM
>To: McClatchie, Sam (PIRSA-SARDI)
>Subject: RE: linux at SARDI
>thanks for the info on you Linux machine. I thought that it 
>might have been something like that - just a shame that you to 
>stuff around with a memory stick (I've been there when I had a 
>Adelaide uni machine and a SARDI desktop).
>With respect to C-c C-d: yes, that the standard dump file 
>functionality. I've had a quick look at the ESS customization 
>group, and I think I found what you want.
>What you want to do is something like the following. In your 
>.emacs file
>(setq ess-source-directory 
>      '(lambda () (file-name-as-directory
>		   (expand-file-name (concat (car 
>ess-search-list) "/.Src")))))
>Alternatively, go through customize and set the variable there 
>(I got the above from the help text on 
>"ess-source-directory"). Give this a whirl and let me know if 
>it works - as it turns out I can't seem to get it to work 
>properly on my WinXP machine.
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