[ESS] Emacs and ESS installation issues in Windows

Vikas Rawal vikas at mail.jnu.ac.in
Sun Feb 13 07:55:01 CET 2005

I have been using emacs+ESS for running R and have generally managed to install it on both linux and windows (98 as well as XP) machines. Today I was trying to install it on a friends machine which had Windows XP. But for some reason, I was unable to start an R process from within Emacs/ESS.

I got two different kinds of error when I tried to start R from the ESS menu. These said:

Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size


Lisp nesting exceeds max-lisp-eval-depth

Emacs was installed at c:\emacs and ess-5.2.4 was at c:\ess-5.2.5.

.emacs correctly identified the path to ess/lisp, and the path to R was correctly specified in the path variable in the "control panel/system/environment variables".

Can somebody help me with what might have gone wrong?

BTW, I have also had another installation problems on some of the win98 machines. It does not find rterm.exe even when the path to R/bin is specified in the path. Is there some other way of defining the path to R. There must be some lisp file which one can modify. Can somebody enlighten me on this as 


Vikas Rawal

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