[ESS] Gnome 2.9 and pybliographer on ubuntu (debian) systems

christopher gale (moa) kiwidoc at pl.net
Fri Feb 4 23:14:27 CET 2005

Some of you (like me) may be using ubuntu hoary, a debian sid based 
distribution which is beta testing Gnome 2.9. The standard debian 
version of pybliographer requires python 2.3, and hoary is using python 2.4.

Using synaptic or apt-get install does not work due to package 
conflicts. This is not satisfactory as gbib does not have the 
flexibility needed (including ability to get papers from medline).

However, this is fixable. If you have access to the main debian 
repositories (universal) then:

# apt-get build-dep python-bibtex

-- this installs the recode patch.

Then ignore the debian versions. Go to sourceforge and download 
python-bibtex and pybliographer. If you install in ~/tmp then.

$ cd ~/tmp
$ tar -xzvf python-bibtex-XXX.tar.gz (I just type the first few letters 
and hit TAB: there is a reason to use bash :-) )
$ tar -xzvf pybliographer-XXX.tar.gz
$ cd python-bibtex-XXX.
(this is exactly the same as for gentoo: I used the same script. You 
will need root access to install, so)
# python setup.py build
# python setup.py install

Now move to the pybliographer folder and:
$ .configure
$ make && make clean
# make install.

Finally, if (like me) you are lazy, right click on the desktop and make 
a new launcher. the command is /usr/local/bin/pybliographic:  a logo 
lives at /user.local/share/pixmaps.

I hope that helps.


kiwidoc at pl.net

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