[ESS] pop-up-frames and opening windows

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 20:09:28 CEST 2005


sorry for the late reply.

>  Do you mean we should just have:
> (defun ess-goto-info (node)
>    "Display node NODE from ess-mode info."
>    (require 'info)
>    (info (concat "(ess)" node)))
> ?
> That (obviously) will not split the window before showing ess.

But you should use it nevertheless, because that's the official API.  
info-goto-node is not, as developer notes (admittedly hidden in a  
comment) where the function is defined:

;; Go to an Info node specified with a filename-and-nodename string
;; of the sort that is found in pointers in nodes.

;; Don't autoload this function: the correct entry point for other  
;; to use is `info'.  --Stef
;; ;;;###autoload
(defun Info-goto-node (nodename &optional fork)

I think the info functions starting with a capital letter are meant  
to be internal. But that's just a guess by induction.

Now, IMHO, it should be up to the user whether he wants info buffers   
to pop up in separate windows (or frames). That's what the special- 
display-regexps variable is for, or also pop-up-windows or pop-up- 
frames. The user customizes that, and the package should use the  
official way in order to leave the choice to the user.

If you absolutely insist on splitting the window, here is an option  
that might do the job in a more compliant way:

(defun ess-goto-info (node)
    "Display node NODE from ess-mode info."
    (require 'info)
    (let ((pop-up-windows t))
        (info (concat "(ess)" node))))


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