[ESS] symbol's value as variable is void

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Sat Apr 23 16:52:54 CEST 2005

On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 03:31:49PM +0100, Stephen Eglen wrote:

> Ah, okay.  There is another file essl-sta.el that has the
> STA-editing-alist.  That definitely has /* ... */ coded for comments,
> but if that no longer works perhaps we should update the code.  Please
> change lines in STA-editing list (~line 1123?) to the following.
>     (comment-start                . "* ")
>     (comment-end                  . "")
> Again delete .elc and try again.


This works nice, I guess you can commit that.

>  > I still get the 
>  > font-lock-eval-keywords: Symbol's value as variable is void:
>  > inferior-ess-font-lock-keywords 
> Not sure about that bit...

Now it works, I don't know that happened.  So everything is working

I realize that not having stata is a problem.  I made an extremely
simple C program (attached) that I hope mimics the behaviour of stata
to the extent that font-lock should be concerned (sorry for the sloppy
C programming, I don't use C).

Thanks for your help,


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