[ESS] Fwd: trivial questions regarding ESS package

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Wed Apr 13 23:12:05 CEST 2005

I am forwarding your message to the ESS help list.  There is a reasonable chance
that there is another Mx user who may already have solved this.


---- Original message ----
>Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 17:40:03 -0500
>From: gary <gaohong at physio.vipbg.vcu.edu>  
>Subject: trivial questions regarding ESS package  
>To: rmh at astro.ocis.temple.edu
>Cc: gaohong at aroma.vipbg.vcu.edu
>I am gary, working in Virginia commonwealth university. Some of ESS
>users like to do little bit of customization of
>their own. Basically, we've have a Statistical package called Mx, its
>script bears many similarities to SAS script. The Mx
>users are interested to highlight Mx script keywords just like ESS
>highlight SAS script keywords.
>Some of Mx keywords are "group  calculate mean  matrix matrices  file
>... "   Initially I thought I found an easy way to
>do it by adding the Mx keywords into file essl-sas.el on line 280 after
>"format", so it became blended into SAS and have an extended keywords
>list, font-lock-keywords-face, but somehow the XEmacs does not highlight
>newly added Mx keywords except SAS keywords.  I am out of solutions on
>this one since I have limited experience with
>Emacs and Lisp, mainly lack of understanding of architecture of ESS.   
>Could you kindly give me some suggestions on how to solve the problem ?
>Thank you very much for your help
>gary xie

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