Installing ESS 5.2.0 in XEmacs

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Mon May 24 17:43:17 CEST 2004

>"ESS is now part of the XEmacs package repository. The 5.2.0 version
>will be uploaded this coming weekend. Installation may be as simple as
>using the package tools commands to download and install. May Be is the
>operative word. "
>I'm happily using Xemacs in combination with ESS + R since a few months.
>So I'm not an emacs guru but I have managed to update packages via the
>menus Tools>Internet and so on.
>So why can't I get the latest version, is it not uploaded to the Xemacs
>site yet ?


It will not be uploaded for several weeks I suspect.  5.2.0 has a few issues 
that need to be addressed and then 5.2.1 will be released.  Only after that will 
an XEmacs package be produced.  Unfortunately, making an XEmacs package is not 
so easy unless you do it regularly.  If you only do it rarely (like we do), then 
it is very painful.

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